an incredibly annoying, pointless essay topic which murders kate in its spare time
these transposons are f-cking gay

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  • Transtheritcal

    a transtheritcal pr-nounced (trans-there-rit-call) is a very tough word to understand. as it possesses many meanings. among these are; an overabundance of anything, or any vulgar word such as “f-ck.” basically stating that a transtherical is an adjective for too much of something, something that is “very” something else, or something or someone that you […]

  • trayboard

    to use a cafeteria or mcdonald’s serving tray to catch waves. originated on oahu, hawaii. action: trayboarding. ay bro, you bring your bodyboard? nah bra, i goin trayboarding today. to slide on a lunch tray these dudes like to trayboard after school.

  • trashy-chop

    a very dirty guy who enjoys putting his facial hair into his mouth… trashy-chop is rummaging through the garbage again!

  • tree hugging hippies

    people that are all for nature. 2)people that you just think are wierd in their own way. 2)a word you can just yell ar call at someone when you are angry. i hate those tree hugging hippies!

  • Trimp Juice

    trimp juice is -n-l blood and seman mixed together. usually made after -n-l s-x. there is trimp juice all over the floor.

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