long braids, overweight, and always wears tank top in any season or weather. talks about s-x all the time, but never has a boyfriend. (some are g-y). claps hands every syllable she speaks.
“that trash-hoe is so godd-mn annoying, yelling and sh-t.”

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  • bioluminanny

    when a grandmother spends so much time in disney world she begins soaking up radiation from all the rides and extravagant firework displays. eventually she will begin to glow and become a “bioluminanny” hey! have you seen my bioluminanny? yes. i think she’s over there riding buzz lightyears sp-ce ranger spin for the 647642 time.

  • dongsw*nger

    self-loathing idiot that constantly self-immolates. that dongsw-nger has no friends, but that’s by his own doing.

  • norwegian goat f*cker

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