can mean anything you want it to. it can be used to replace words that you would get in trouble for.
stop touching your treenie and get your treenie outside you f-cking treenberg. (c-ck, -ss, dipsh-t)

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  • tricball

    a circular p-n-s. it is caused by foreshortening in a full-frontal nude shot of a male. tric has a tricball. 🙁

  • tumbledreads

    the sheaded bits if dread locks on the floor from rastas,pseudo-rastas,and faux-rastas that plug up the vacuum cleaner. my vacuum burned up because it was packed full of tumbledreads.

  • tumblr asshole

    a tumblr -sshole-a common phrase, is used when describing someone who first, compliments someones blog, and then asks for a promo directly after. askersurl: omg i loveeeee your blog p4p?!?! messagereceiversurl: omg, your such a tumblr -sshole.

  • vocation

    unequivocally preceding virtual vocal vacation his vocation is that of vicar.

  • vulvalic

    of or pertaining to the female genitalia. (the feminine form of phallic) “that hibiscus painting is so v-lv-lic”

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