one who initiates or popularizes multiple unconventional/out of the box trends good for long term for the field(s) he/she is active in.

doing things done never before & setting new trends with effective use of creativity in an inspiring manner.
in a nation obsessed with traditional careers, trendster anand is only undisputed world chess champion in history who inspired numerous people to choose a career in sports.
a person who recognizes trends before anyone else and then by the time other people start to catch on (like the hipsters) the trendsters have already moved on.
everybody keeps trying to copy the trendsters but they just can’t keep up.
as a result of the vastly overused and often misused term “hipster”, a new word to represent the original values of the hipster subculture has been summoned. that word…is “trends’ter”. with an apostrophe to throw off the croc-footed m-sses, the hybword trends(et)ter is defined simply as: an individual in modern society who does not follow trends, but sets them. not by setting out to set them, but by shrugging off the call of corporate/media/brand driven ethnocentric mainstream and embracing their individuality, freeing their imagination, securing themselves with knowledge, keeping in touch with unbias truth, wearing whatever the f-ck they want, and looking good doing it.
barbie doll: holy prada these pants are to die for.

ed hardy hand puppet: um, wasn’t that sloane betch like totally wearing these bell bottoms last year?

barbie doll: omg, you are like so right. too bad they’re like totes in now, that trashy hipster betch is so off trend.

ed hardy hand puppet: um, i dont know but, um, i think maybe, um…i think maybe she’s like a trends’ter.

barbie doll: whoa. you’re talking like a flimsy wh-r- again.

ed hardy hand puppet: oh, um, sorry…you’re right.

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