slang for a very gorgeous or hot girl. originated in the south due to the famous celebrity known as tressa schmick who is well known for her poetry, family status, hair, and brilliant blue eyes.
that girl is so tressa. or she so tressa.
noun: a bad -ss m-f- who likes to get down and dirty. loves the expression “what?!”, and usually has a very noticeable laugh. stay out of her way, when tressa is mad nothing can stop her. avoid her at all costs.

verb: to cause physical abuse, afflict, belt, bite, blemish, bruise, burn, cramp, cut, cut up, damage, disable, do violence, flail, flog, harm, impair, injure, kick, lacerate, lash, maltreat, mar, maul, mess up, nip, pierce, pinch, pommel, pr-ck, pummel, punch, puncture, punish, rough up, shake up, slap, slug, smart, spank, spoil, squeeze, stab, sting, tear, throb, torment, torture, trouble, wax, whack, whip, wing, wound, wrack up, wring, and pain to innocent by-standers;
“tressa, you just missed the last episode of doctor who.”
“what?!, i’ll kill you!

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