an unusually sl-tty trick.
steve irwin: aye, crikey! look at that trickseratops in her natural habitat, isn’t she a beaut? notice the sl-tty clothes she is wearing in order to show off her engorged br–sts and b-ttocks in order to attract mates that she will have drunk carefree s-x with.

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  • Trickts

    when you have to fart or burp, you push it out, and it turns out to be vomit or sh-t. its what the body does to get the stuff out, without your concent. i had this huge fart on deck, but when i pushed it out, it turned out to be the screamin sh-ts.

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    bay country, begies chase, baltimore county in da maryland area yo homes, who you represent i represent the 3bc, triple threat yo.

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    a thing that something does but no one is sure what it’s use is. i.e. the flap under a chicken’s neck, the rotating thing in front of a barber shop. “what the h-ll is that thing?” “it’s the thing that trizzits.”

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    when a politician outright lies to the public on policy when they know they are going to change position once elected or when the wind blows the other way. george h.w. bush (1988): “read my lips, no new taxes.” george h.w. bush (1990): “um… yea…. about that tax thing…” american electorate: “wtf? a politician lie!?” […]

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