a word/name used to describe a very handsome friendly or desirable male
wow, it’s trishaan

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  • beeersch

    a level of drunkenness only achieved by highly trained alcoholics; while simultaneously inheriting the ability to speak to felines, and ultimately slaying the p-ssy like a god. “hey beeersch….. -blackness-“

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    a c-nt he just stole my lunch, what a dimithra

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    every year, school districts across the united states must learn the chemical symbol of 71 elements on the periodic table in an elaborate “challenge science” course offered to those who took the “challenge by choice.” the compet-tion is a quick paced game that allows only the quickest writers and top studiers to win a texas […]

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    a phrase used to describe the art of engaging in s-xual relations with many women i had s-xual relations with many women, it was a real poon cruise.

  • ku klux kunts

    another name for those chicken sh-t mother f-ckers known as the ku klux klan. oh sh-t i see a bunch of bed sheets walking around it must be the ku klux kunts

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