amazing guy who will keep you laughing no matter what. he seems shy at first, but when you get to really know him, he’s really cool. he tends to bring himself down often, so you should be there to help him out and make him feel better. he may argue, but he’ll usually just make a joke out of the arguement, or will apologize.
girl1: “have you met tristan?”
girl2: “ya, he’s cool.”
girl3: “you kidding? he’s amazing!”
girl1: “my thoughts exactly.”
a attractive male with a name that dates back centuries.
girl- what is your name?
boy- “tristan”
girl- nice name reminds me of the movie legends of the falls with brad pitt. here’s my number..
boy- yea score!
tristan is just pure amazing. you would have to be one of the luckiest females alive to be the one who gets to hold him. he is perfect in every way possible. he will make your day no matter what the problem may be. he will treat you so well even if you might be getting annoyed at him, which is very rare. words can’t describe the love between tristan and (random name) emily, it’s just incredible. tristan is funny, hot, nice, happy, s-xy, wonderful, awesome, amazing, cute, fun, romantic, epic and every single other word to do with awesomeness. everybody loves tristan. <3 emily - omg i just met this really awesome guy! random - was it tristan? emily - yes 0.0 (<2) an attractive name that is european. it is concidered a masculen name and a name that was use in middle ages, dark ages, and european stories like king author and the round table. tristan was one of king author's knights and fought with him in deep heated battles. the exclusive #500th pokemon made for pokemon: jesus editon. you have to accept jesus as your savior to unlock tristan, who is located in jerusalem. you can only catch tristan with a jew ball, which is recieved when you defeat the muslim infidels, earlier in the crusade. tristan is level 95, making him the strongest pope in the game. "yeah, i tried catching tristan with my charzard. f-cking pope spilled holy water on it ko'ing it." brave, loyal, great friend, beats her/him self about things, loner, caring, hardheaded, sweet, nice, strong willed, music lover, great, pretty/handsom, depression, great mind, good writer, help anyone in need, willing to give him/her self for someone else tristan was a knight at the round table of king author the most brave and loyal of them all. (sir)tristan (latin/brythonic: drust-n-s; welsh: drystan; also known as tristran, tristram, etc.) is one of the main characters of the tristan and iseult story, a cornish hero and one of the knights of the round table featuring in the matter of britain. he is the son of blancheflor and rivalen (in later versions isabelle and meliodas), and the nephew of king mark of cornwall, sent to fetch iseult back from ireland to wed the king. however, he and iseult accidentally consume a love potion while en route and fall helplessly in love. the pair undergo numerous trials that test their secret affair. the legend of tristan and iseult is an influential romance and tragedy, retold in numerous sources with as many variations. the tragic story is of the adulterous love between the cornish knight tristan (tristram) and the irish princess iseult (isolde, yseult, etc.). ←

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