Trojan Horse

a girl who only lets a guy “ride” her if he wears protection (i.e., a “trojan” condom).
stud #1: wooo-hoooo… that tiffany is totally smokin’ hot! how come she doesn’t have more guys after her?

stud #2: oh — she’s one of those trojan horses, and most guys prefer gals who will “just do it” anytime and anywhere.
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a virus-like program that pretends to be something else in order to get into the system.

from _the iliad_, by famous dead poet homer, when the ithacans gained victory by hiding in a huge wood horse so they could get into troy.
the trojans were not in the gifted program at warfare school.
a virus, that disguises itself, gets into the system, and slowly destroys everything… allowing various other infections to get in, causing more damage. also, letting your computer be controlled by someone else.
d-mnit!! i need to get rid of this trojan horse before it destroys my hard drive!
when someone does something to make you think one thing when in fact they are going to do the exact opposite.
tennessee quarterback jonathan crompton played terrible this year against ucla so florida (their next opponent) would gameplan against the run when actually crompton was so good and was going to trojan horse them and kill them.
the act of a male sellotaping his p-n-s to the back of his hand, then asking a female to finger her. once she agrees and you have entered slowly remove your hand f-ck her silly.
dave:so i heard your babe only lets you finger her
steve: nah i totally trojan horsed that wh-r-!
a virus tht is seemed to be known quite a lot due to lot of computer infections due to this
my computer has been infected with bl–dy trojan horse!!!
a s-x partner who is very attractive and appears to be healthy but is sporting a hidden std.
ted: “that godd-mn heather is a trojan horse!”

kevin: “what do you mean? she looks hot!”

ted: “the b-tch is a walking petri dish! last week she jumped me without a rubber and now the end of my d-ck is on fire!”
a devious s-xual act whereby the male pokes a small hole in the tip of the condom before intercourse.
note: this is refrence to the siege of troy whereby soldiers (s-m-n) snuck into the city disguised as a gracious gift of sorts.
betty is pregnant, that is because that b-st-rd jim gave her the old trojan horse.

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