Troll Dyke


the highest level of dyk-ness. even trumps bull dyk-.

a highly aggressive, dangerous lesbian.
typically marked by flannel, jorts, hiking boots, and a love for kayaking.

troll dyk-s hate p-n-s, men, and/or anything phallic.

they also love to stomp.

should you encounter a troll dyk-, it is best to never look it directly in the eye, and to maintain at least a 15 foot safety barrier. if it attacks (which happens often) it is considered proper form to lay in fetal position, and repeat loudly how much you respect rosie o’donnell’s decision to cut her hair.

a troll dyk- has never cried.
“dude, i just got the sh-t kicked out of me by that huge p-ssed off dude.”

“that was no dude, she was a troll dyk-.”

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