Troll Excuse

an excuse used for when someone says a stupid thing and later uses an excuse that says they were trolling to make themselves look smarter and seek to defend or justify.
a: i do not like minecraft, imo.
b: i hate you for not liking minecraft
c: calm down, it is his opinion.
d: do you know what imo means? it means (in my opinion), now grow up and respect opinions
b: i trolled u noobs
d: really, a troll excuse?

c: good job, i hope you feel better now honey!
the term used when someone purposely makes a rather r-t-rded remark and when later realizes his/her mistake then claims he/she was trolling
person 1: 2+2=4
person 2: no its totali 2+2=5 u stupid
person 1 large argument over it
person 2 realizes his mistake
person 2 utilizes the troll excuse manuever
person 2: i was jus trolling u lol!

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