troping out

a word commonly used when a member of your friends decides to b-tch out, (i.e. turning down shots)
many times this word can synonymously be used with “rosening out”
basically if you really want to make a person feel like a jack-ss tell him he is “troping out”
“dude why are you troping out its friday night”

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  • trouser pilot

    anyone who would like to play with your “joystick”. “oh monica! g-d bless your soul! you sure make for a wonderful trouser pilot! i bet you could suck-start a harley”! or… “bill was a natural trouser pilot- he could suck the chrome off a trailer hitch”!… mmm

  • truck my duck

    a rather random phrase that confuses most people. oh yeah… why dont’ you just truck my duck. wtf. what the h-ll are you talking about?

  • trummie

    1. an insignifigant and ineffective person 2. slang term often used to denote innate fear of having s-xual relations with a member of the opposite s-x 3. also see blowie before the group left the birthday party, bob and kyle snuck in the back and gave each other trummies.

  • Truner

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  • U.F.O. day

    the one day during the menstrual cycle when you are in such pain that when you stand up, it actually feels like the uterus is falling out. no, i can’t go to aerobics tonight……i’m having a total u.f.o. day!

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