(1) a word, comment or action that is both offensive in manner and in accordance with the actual state of affairs.
(2) when someone tells you a reality about you or your present situation that you really do not want to hear.
grayson: i can’t believe i hooked up with four guys in one night.
kevin: that’s because you’re a wh-r-.
grayson: so trude.

bruce: did you eat those whole bag of cookies? you gained five pounds in five minutes. look how fat you are!
nick: you don’t have to be so trude in front of my new boyfriend who i met last night.

rafael: tony is wasted…again.
tony: trrruuudddeeee!!!
rafael: no, that’s just true.
when something is rude but true.
person a: don’t be rude.
person b: i’m not! i’m being trude!

eg 2
you don’t have to be so trude.
a super cool “i just wanna be her” type chick. everybody’s ideal of a great thing.
she is just so trude
a response to a comment that is both true and rude.
:you’re really struggling with that typing today

:you could use to lose a few pounds
a truth that is rude, however true.
friend one: you totally faceboinked.

friend two: that is so trude!

a combination of the words true and rude. is used when someone says something that is a rude thing to say but at the same time a true statement.
a: that lady over has an ugly face.
b: that’s trude
1. a very embarr-ssing, annoying, loud, and obnoxious laugh.

2. an extremely h-m-s-xual sounding laugh.
“wow, that girl probably has the most trude laugh i’ve ever heard.”

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