true tea

while tea is sometimes seen to be gossip. true tea is the variety that involves a lot more contemplation and awareness. true tea is on a larger scale and involves thoughts about an inst-tution, politics, ideologies, social issues. it doesn’t have to be the right opinion, it just has to be intricate, and be a step in the quest for the truest of teas.

the saying likely arose in response to the media’s habit to distort the news, just to favor a certain perspective. as such, it comes from a place of distrust towards the provided “facts” of an issue.

when one is looking for the “true tea”, they are trying to make sense of a barrage of opinions and skewed perspectives on a matter. it also means they are trying to get the raw story from the source, before it gets chopped up, rearranged, and served to the m-sses.
person 1: “you know, i’ve been thinking about this for a while and…. why is it that our legal system treats ‘a jury of our peers’ as an unbiased -ssessment of a case? what if someone was in a district where prejudice was prevalent? no jury is a blank slate, they all come from cultural and social perspectives. so why then, do we treat them as though they couldn’t have been wrong? there are all these high profile stories about all these police killings, and the police often get acquitted, but how is that different from lynching via random selection of dominant narratives?”

person 2: “woah, someone must have spiked your true tea because it hits pretty deep. you have a really good point i knew something didn’t make sense. that is a valid concern, i also feel like perhaps we could push to create some objective criteria for leniency or higher scrutiny, so that we protect the flexibility of the courtroom.”

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