a less intense way of saying fo sho
honkey 1: i just got the ill new whip
honkey 2: true
statement you say to show that you agree with someone or that their statement is correct and/or accurate. can also be said for comedic reasons.
guy 1: you’re gay.
guy 2: true.

guy 1: man, that girl is such a sl-t.
guy 2: true.
indeed or absolutly
“true dat”
a way to agree with someone or say you’re right.
joe: man i’m broke as a joke
tim: yea but you’re getting paid next week
joe: true
1. agreeing with a statement
2. showing interest in something
3. being fine with something
“dude you are a fat-ss”

“yeaa im about to go out to mcdonalds or somethin
“ohh truue?”

“so, are you friends with that new kid?”
“yeaa he’s pretty tight”
true religion brand jeans.
lookin fly in my oaks and trues.
asks the question, “is that true?” without “is that”. synonym: really?, are you serious?, etc.
pa: paul blart: mall cop was the number one movie in the box office this weekend.
brijit: true?
pa: yeah, i’m as surprised as you are.

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