female who has s-x for money; prost-tute, wh-r-
she’s more trull than true heart, if you take my meaning
1. noun. a derp-troll, i.e. a troll attempt intentionally botched in order to troll those who are amused by calling out trolls. not to be confused with metatroll.
2. noun. a preemptive troll, or a setup specifically arranged such that a predictable attempt at irony by the subject of the trull will be foiled before they even try.
3. verb. to inflict a trull on another.
4. noun. one who trulls.
unsuspecting “trull-ee” makes a crude joke about police brutality, drawing an -n-logy to bdsm.
trull: “dude. you’re going to use handcuffs in bed? that’s not even what handcuffs are for. handcuffs are for restraining criminals.”
trull-ee: “come on, man! that’s not a troll. that doesn’t even. i’m not. just.”
trull: “that’s not what your dad said last night.”
trull-ee: “please commit suicide.”
trull grins with infuriating superiority.

a trull might find a trending topic that is already addressed in an existing thread, spice that thread up with a few standard troll remarks, and then mention the topic on an unrelated thread along with a dash of the same style of standard trolling. done correctly, others are thus encouraged to link back to the original topic in their angry replies accusing the trull of derailing. it’s a trap!
someone who trolls chat and social media for donald trump.
bob is constantly posting that trump is the greatest president ever, he’s such a trull.

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