a rumor that is true.
did you hear that trumor about how nicolette uses her vibrator in her 3 year old’s bed? yeah. it’s true, it’s a trumor. trumor rumor
i rumor which was spread, but actually turned out to be true.

rumor + true= trumor
i thought it was just typical gossip when i heard that kat was pregnant. but i just saw her leaving gynecologist’s office. i guess it was a trumor.
a rumor which conveniently becomes true.
“i cant believe you were right about mark being gay” “i told you, it was a trumor”
a rumor that is true
“did you the rumor about sarah blowing dan?”
“dude that’s not a rumor that’s a trumor!”
a true rumor.

a rumor that is true.
b-tch#1: ew, i totally heard a rumor about you the other day.
b-tch#2: oh yeah, what now?

b1: that you’re a wh-r- and a sl-t!
b2: that’s not a rumor, that’s a trumor!

b1: figures. bye sk-nk!
b2: bye harlot, call me!
a rumor that is true.
if you’ve heard about what’s been going around school, well its a trumor.
a trumor or trumour (spelling differs between british and american english) that turns out to be true.

or the basis of a trumour / trumor is true
1. the media said mitch clarke will leave brisbane lions for money

mitch clarke left brisban lions for money!< trumor2. someone said the punch has been spikedmichael apollo just tried some and it was!

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