trump handle

bob, lets grab the wives by their trump handles and go out tonight.

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  • arm mingle tingles

    when your arm is so close to another persons arm that your arm hairs are barely touching each other and sends a tingling sensation up your arm. julia gave me the arm mingle tingles today, her arm was so close to me!

  • p*n*s raven

    mythical flying beast with large hanging phallus wow, look at that majestic p-n-s raven

  • jelly juggler

    someone who will say or do anything to get their way. gina is jelly juggling bryce, as she says she won’t drink your dr. pepper, only for you to come back and find that it is gone. you’ve been jelly juggled. that gina is a jelly juggler.

  • rusty noose

    when a normal noose just isn’t edgy enough hang yourself with a rusty noose you f-cking degenerate

  • fu man jew

    a chinese or oriental jew. that chinese guy is jewish. he’s a fu man jew!

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