trumpfool trumpfool :

anyone that voted for trump.

based on fool:
noun: fool; plural noun: fools

a person who acts unwisely or imprudently; a silly person.
“what a fool i was to do this”
idiot, -ss, blockhead, dunce, dolt, ignoramus, imbecile, cretin, dullard, simpleton, moron, clod; more
informalnitwit, halfwit, dope, ninny, nincomp–p, chump, dimwit, dingbat, dipstick, goober, coot, goon, dumbo, dummy, ditz, dumdum, fathead, b-tthead, numbskull, n-mbn-ts, dunderhead, thickhead, airhead, flake, lamebrain, mouth-breather, zombie, nerd, peabrain, birdbrain, scissorbill, jughead, jerk, donkey, twit, goat, dork, twerp, lamer, schmuck, bozo, b–b, turkey, schlep, chowderhead, dumbhead, goofball, goof, goofus, doofus, hoser, galoot, lummox, knuckle-dragger, klutz, putz, schlemiel, sap, meatball, dumb cluck, mook;

vulgar slang-sshat

“you’ve acted like a complete fool”
a jester or clown, especially one retained in a n-ble household.
that idiot is just a trumpfool..

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