of or pertaining to the extreme anger, rage, horror and stroke-inducing fear of the election of an orange-colored fabulistic narcissist with a penchant for race-baiting and s-xual -ssault to the presidency of the united states.
“see? over there! those high school honor students whose parents brought them to america when they were infants? they are being rounded up to be hauled away and left on some forsaken beach in a banana republic and a life of abject suffering.”
“oh, that makes me trumpoplectic. they never did anything wrong.”

“sorry, guys, i can’t go to the thing tomorrow. my brother died last night.”
“oh my goodness! what happened?”
“when the president repealed the affordable care act he immediately lost his health insurance and couldn’t afford his $100,000 a month cancer medication. he went very quickly.”
“oh, your poor mother. i imagine she is trumpoplectic.”

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