a form of government characterized by an emphasis on anti-intellectualism, misogyny, and racism. it is also void of truth, tact, morals, consistency, and acceptance. although this type of government may appeal to a certain number of citizens, they are often void of care, thought, individualism, intelligence, respct, and truth. they are often happy and anxious to show their disdain for those who do not follow their ideals and have great disdain for women, minorities, and democrats.
friend 1: “d-mn, that girl is fiiiine! i’m gonna go grab her by the p-ssy.”

friend 2: “whoa bro, you can’t just go up to a woman and grab her by the p-ssy. what the h-ll’s wrong with you?!”

friend 1: “yes i can, bro. in a trumptopia, you can do whatever the h-ll you want to women, minorities, and the poor without any regard for their civil liberties. even our president does it!”

friend 2: “fair enough, bro. knock yourself out.”

friend 1: “i don’t need your permission, toby. f-ck off!”

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