that sh-t don’t matter
“omg why do you care tsdm hop off my case”

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  • joe t*tty

    a skilled trades apprentice who is always clinging to the journeyman and sucking off the t-tty. that daman is a real joe t-tty.

  • b*tterbinger

    when you eat snacks while making a snack steve, joey, bobby, shane, and sammy are all b-tterbingers at 2:20 pm

  • gludairitarian

    an individual who does not consume dairy and gluten. especially for health and moral reasons. justin: hey sam, want some pizza? sam: no thanks, i’m a gludairitarian. justin: okay, well more for me.

  • yeetastic

    awful, the exact opposite of fantastic. double posetive=strong negative this game is yeetastic.

  • play circus

    playing circus is when a chicken sits on your face and you have to guess how much she weighs. would you like to come back to my place and play circus with me?

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