an extraordinary or crazy person
mary is a crazy b-tch, what a tshark!

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  • urmina

    urmina is a skinny girl with ostrich legs and which has always a smartphone in her hands. urminas dont move by foot, they always call their driver and drive with a car everywhere, literally everywhere. also to the toilet to make a reham. her favourite colour is candyfloss. i’m to lazy to today to walk, […]

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    a weeabu is a person that is completely, and i mean comepletely obsessed with all aspects of j-penese culture, all the while, not having any acsess to j-pan, at all. they are simalure to otakus, but have a life outside of home. related words: otaku anime pocky j-pan joe is such a weeabu, all he […]

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    when you are over 600 pounds and can no longer take the fat rolls suffocating you in your sleep josh:i have diebetus help me:fat -ss

  • mashee queshie

    question often asked by vagrants and the (often) intoxicated, homeless …. literal translation: “may i ask you a question?” “mashee queshie” is a sentence. often followed by “i’m good people.”

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    the noun equivalent of referring to someone that “nails pigs”. like, someone who is kind of strange, cr-ppy, and whose physical movements suggest that they may have recently had contact with a pig. person 1: dude, what the h-ll is up with johnson? person 2: i don’t know man, something’s definitely off with him today. […]

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