affected with tuberculosis:
a hospital for tuberculous people.
historical examples

finally the tuberculous tissue breaks down and liquefies, resulting in the formation of a cold abscess.
manual of surgery alexis thomson and alexander miles

the sides of the face, and round the eyes, are bare and tuberculous.
reptiles and birds louis figuier

we’re tuberculous as a family, and the knee will probably turn out tuberculous.
sonia married stephen mckenna

the tuberculous ulcer is described in the chapter on ulcers.
manual of surgery alexis thomson and alexander miles

formerly the diagnosis of tuberculous inflammation of the spine in its beginning stages was very uncertain.
prof. koch’s method to cure tuberculosis popularly treated max birnbaum

six wards are reserved for tuberculous cases, who have their own special nurses.
turkish prisoners in egypt various

showing the survival of tuberculous stock by accession of strength from the normal.
abstracts of papers read at the first international eugenics congress various

those which most fixed our attention were the confluent, the roseate, the tuberculous, and the erysipelatous.
north american medical and surgical journal, vol. 2, no. 3, july, 1826 various

the young man was now suffering from the fever which is the sure symptom of the approaching end in all tuberculous complaints.
the survivors of the chancellor jules verne

eruption hard and tuberculous on face and arms; small and pointed on breast.
north american medical and surgical journal, vol. 2, no. 3, july, 1826 various

of or relating to tuberculosis or tubercles; tubercular

tuberculous tu·ber·cu·lous (tu-bûr’kyə-ləs, tyu-)

of, relating to, or having tuberculosis.

of, affected with, or caused by tubercles.

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