tully is funny without meaning to be, and often says things which make you laugh. she’s not partically beautiful but attracts people by her down to earth and honest nature. she has a very happy personality and always sees the gl-ss as half full.
person 1: ‘she just makes me happy!’
person 2: ‘yep, that’s tully!’
1. providing pleasure or delight, especially in appearance or manner; pleasing; charming; alluring:

2. humorous in a very clever or sarcastic way
1. “that boy we met last night was soo tully!”

2. “you have to see this new movie, it’s so tully”
evening newspaper produced in dundee and tayside area ,derives from its official name” the evening telegraph”
usually heard on the streets of dundee scotland , by old venders ” tully get yer tully”
the type of girl who’s willing to take it in the -ss and the mouth at the same time in a threesome. kinky enough to do anything you want as long as she knows you like it.
“dude, that girl you took home last night seemed like a total tully.”
“it was amazing, man. trust me.”

“i heard she was into older men.”
“she’s a tully. i dunno if she’s into it, but she definitely didn’t complain.”
a really nice coffee chain that is a million times better than starbucks and something only we seattleites and portlanders have!so dont you new dorkers and los -ssholeans
try to steal it!
john:lets go to starbucks!
jill:are you nuts we’re in seattle we can get wayyy better and cheaper!
john:so we’re do we go?
jill:where do you think!
john:ohhh tullys!
jill:thats right now lets go!
a place in syracuse new york where they can ride tractors to school & live in the middle of nowhere; a place for hicks or farmers; they love john deers
old farmer brown lives in tully

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