a g-y dude who is bad at siege
tuba is g-y tunah is mega g-y

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  • psychloretribute

    a person whom is consumed within a ‘continual retribution of the self’. “..everything was fine until some ‘single-visioned’ / ‘blinkered’ maybe ‘psychloretribute’ decided to social-categorise because of the continual turning-around of their inner-bullsh-t! . . . “

  • tentical p*rn

    s-x with a squid. the squid sticks all tenticals in the -ss or v-g-n- tentical p-rn is the best kind of p-rn

  • shwooby

    it’s like when the smurfs use smurf for another word but instead it’s shwooby . it can mean many things . shwooby is also a dance move that means to wobble in style last friday i was so f-cked up i shwooby and i didn’t even know what it meant . mhm that shwooby felt […]

  • appet*tan

    someone who eats a lot or over eats someone with a big appet-te someone who eats every 2 minutes and are still hungry “dude, ur such an appet-tan”

  • newbiggin

    a place in the north east of england known for chavs, a loud drummer in a street of this place and lots of fights between obnoxious idiots, or drunk people. it’s simply f-cking h-ll wanna go to newbiggin, we’ll hang out at the beach park inhibited by chavs

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