turd burger

a steaming t-rd placed between two slices of bread. variations include; t-rd burger with cheese, t-rd blt, and the t-rd m-ffin. although, n-body has eaten one of these before, it’s believed we all will by the year 2060.
“who the h-ll ate my last t-rd burger?i’m hungry!” – leon
a burger that tastes like absolute sh*t, but for some reason you still buy them – especially when hammered by alcohol.
mcdeez drive-thru…….

mcdeez dude: what would you like sir?

jarrad: gimme a few of them t-rdburgers you have there, b*tch.

mcdeez dude: that will be $12.50, thank you.

jarrad: it will be free, or i’ll eat your whole f*cking family. we straight?

mcdeez dude: well, i’m not.

jarrad: …you on a break soon?
1)a piece of feces put between to slices of bread or buns
2)an insult
person: shut up you t-rdburger
instead of a beef patty, its a t-rd
man 1:this burger you served me is t-rd
man 2:yes i know thats because it is t-rd,would like extra mayo on that t-rd burger
burger made to an inferior standard.
see – mcdonalds
a burger consisting of a bun and a t-rd, hence the term: t-rdburger
deevo: “hey guys! i had 3 t-rdburgers for lunch!”
a burger one finds at sh-twells.
dude…i don’t think that was a hamburger it was a t-rdburger.

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