verb: to t-rd-decorate a wall, facility, business, or residence, whether interior, exterior, or both, with t-rds, especially if done with t-rds fired from a true t-rd cannon constructed of a hollow tube of 6 or more soda cans gray-taped together, then packed full of feces & propelled forth by a gas-powered liter fluid ignition lit through a touch0holr in yhe last can.

noun: the above-referenced device that actually hurls the t-rds at high speed upon ignition of the liter-fluid propellant.
“we t-rdcannoned sh-t all up on the inside of the skylights at the mall, and the sun dried it hard as cement!”

“wait’ll you see what my new 8-can t-rdcannon can do. it’ll blow a load of t-rds 50 feet at high speed!”
its when you shoot at high speed feces of both loose and hard consistancy out you
man my t-rd cannon will be working overtime after this buritto
zach fecal deposits post burrito consumption.
zach ate a burrito last night and totaly became a t-rd cannon

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