Turkey Lurker

one who lurks turkeys.
you mother f-ckin turkey lurker

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  • turkeyneck alarm clock

    the practice of waking someone up by poking them in the -ss with your morning wood. scott was afraid of sleeping in ian’s hotel room ’cause he suspected ian would wake him with a wicked turkeyneck alarm clock. pontus loves it when christian gets him up with his great big turkeyneck alarm clock.

  • Turkish eggroll

    when a turkish wrestler covers the head of his opponents p-n-s with his own foreskin as a sign of submission johnny was excited after losing that match with abdul he was so looking forward to the turkish eggroll.

  • turn upportunity

    the opportunity to turn up. where’s the party at? i’m looking for a turn upportunity.

  • turnstilish

    1. the ability to move stylishly through the ever-so-awkward turnstiles. 2. the sudden turning of something from boring to stylish. 3. clumsy, gangly, or somehow resembling a turnstile. 1. he rides the subway every day… i guess that’s why he’s so turnstilish. 2. high-waisted skirts?!?! how turnstilish! 3. poor sam… he was so tall and […]

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    a trisha girl is a stereotypical girl who is lost in the 80’s or what you can call any girl who may exemplify any or all of the characteristics of said trisha girl, from a picture from the 80’s. a trisha girl has the tight jordache or gloria vanderbuilt jeans, comb in the back pocket, […]

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