turkish breast

turkish breast aka turkish beast, sikik, bill, hayvan is a troubled being.
while addicted to the game vampires dark rising , breaking bad , the gym and palringo , his life isn’t easy.

loves his explicit xxx folder which includes thai ladyboys, and is known to demand nudes from any female being he meets. prefers brits over everything. yet also wants to f-ck the blonde p-rn star mia malvoka. while his l-st for power is insatiable, sikik loves to kick death dealers out of every room he’s in. goes into “beast mode” if something doesn’t happen after his will. wanna annoy him? praise erdogan and tell him how awesome turkey is. (it’s thanksgiving after all)

common quotes are:

“gimme my f-cking power”

“i wish i could be a british citizen and get the f-ck out of this f-cking country”

“i need to sleep for testosterone producing”
wanna eat some turkish breast?
oh yeah i’d love to.

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