when referring to youtube:

a video that is basically a howto. it demonstrates how to make, build, or do something. it can also be for a hairstyle or makeup.
“hey guys! this tutorial is going to show how to get those smokey eyes.”
basically it…uh… walks you step by step.. uh step by step taking process.
agent: “it should say uh… can i give you a tooter-roll?”
customer: “give me a what?!”

i was trying to get into a 69 position with my girlfriend, but i had to use the kama sutra book as a tutorial.
the most miserable lesson ever created, even tutors think it is pointless.
time is spent doing pointless tasks which apparently lead to bullsh-t qualifications which don’t apply to any use in any situation ever.
tutorial is such a waste of time, even defining it on ud is almost pointless.
student 1; you going to tutorial next?
student 2; f-ck the 18 generations of your ancestors
a meeting with one’s tutor in a specific subject at some universities such as oxford and cambridge.
i have five hours to do seven hours of reading and a 3000 word essay for my tutorial!
a project one must complete in order to earn their degree. tutorials have been known to make otherwise sane college students suicidal.
see also: thesis
this tutorial will be the end of me.
when everyone grabs a selected individual and, as a group, smashes them into the garden.
originated from when fatnoter used to get a “tutorial” on runescape by cam and co. and they used to just beat the f-ck out of him.
let’s tutorial brad.
the embodiment of tutorialcentral.com it is the beginning and end of the entire world of tutorials and learning.
d-mn… i can’t remember wtf that is… i need a tutorial

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