when someone truely smells like -ss ! smells like chicken liver sitting out in a hot trunk for about 5 months
d-mn elijah u smell like a twabluffle

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    a word you say in pure terror when your frightened or hurt yourself oh d-ck snickers you scared the sh-t out of me

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    a young boy, usually latino, with an uncirc-mcised p-n-s. – “john is in the house!” “f-ck off john uncirc-metta”

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    when you’re f-cking a b-tch missionary and you’re squeezing her t-ts hard for an advantage point, and right before you c-m you barbaricly tear her breast implants out c-m in the two new holes you have just made and replace them with the last girl’s you did it to. i used to be depressed until […]

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    kyle jepko eats -ss he likes sh-t in his mouth also sucks d-ck and gets f-cked till his legs brake i love d-ck in my -ss- kyle jepko

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