a derogatory term for a woman deemed to be an icy b-tch. combines the terms the words, tw-t and icicle.
whitni- “yo girl, that b-tch down the hall needs to get that stick out of her hoochy -ss and stop being such an -sshole”
abby- “fo’ sure girl, what a tw-tcicle!”
a termed used to describe bad feminine hygiene.

used to describe the act of using a popsicle stick to demonstrate lack of feminine hygiene.
tom: “she is really nasty!”
peter: “yeah, i stuck in a popsicle stick a few minutes later i pulled out a tw-tcicle.”
tom: “tasty…”
trinity…enough said …. juicy and scrumpshess!!!
trinity j. a. is a tw-tcicle!!
the male organ,used for reproduction. p-n-s,c-ck,d-ck.
“oh girl love the way my tw-t-cicle feels deep inside her”

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