another name for a p-n-s.
featured in deuce bigalow european gigolo.
“are you gonna show her your tw-tsicle??”
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when you stick a pop sicle in a womans v-g-n- let it ment, and drink the juice!
i like to give grape tw-t-sicle’s to hot babes!
a s-xually appealing p-n-s
“use your tw-t-sicle and make babies!”
when you are f-cking in the winter and your c-m freezes
i would go f-ck in a igloo but i might get a tw-t sicle
f-cking a girl with a popsicle before eating them out. a post-f-ck is optional and sticky.
last night we got bored so i gave her a tw-tsicle before we f-cked. it felt like f-cking a zombie.
a sh-m-l-s or manshes p-n-s.
wow that girl i was with last night had a huge tw-tsicle.
1) a tw-t that hasn’t been used in atleast 38 years and is so cold from not being in use that has actually frozen over.
2) a eskimo’s v-g-n-
1) “my v-g-n- hasnt been touched in so long its a tw-tsicle”
2) “man i wanna get me some of that tw-tsicle!”

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