Tweed scum

a person or persons originating from tweed heads located on the nsw border next to coolangatta (coolangetto) tweed sc-m generally live on kennedy dr or in close proximity (eg honeysuckle st, rose st) adidas and nike trackies are the clothing of choice

best time to spot tweed sc-m is on dusk walking along kennedy dr pushing a trolley with a carton of vb cans in it.
it’s easy to spot tweed sc-m houses as there is usually a few trolleys a broken pram or two and more often than not a an old ripped up leather lounge
excuse me sir are your going to pay for that hose u just cut of “no way bro i’m tweed sc-m i not pay fo nothin c-nt tweed breed fo life”
often holding middle fingers crossed on hand to make a w showing they are from the west side of tweed

straight out of k drive the australian version of compton

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