talking in an accent that sounds faked or forced to sound like you are of a higher cl-ss.
did you hear mary twenging she sounded ridiculous.

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  • clungry

    being very hungry for mcdonald’s i’m so clungry right now!!

  • kaswell

    if you are a “kaswell”, you may be on the heavier side. you may be known as a thief. you also have many girlfriends, that are not really yours. guy : hey babe girl : ugh, go away, your such a kaswell!

  • fuzzlehorn

    when your a s-xually frustrated and h-rny teen, but cant do anything about it cause your too young. “i am such a fuzzlehorn” “i am feeling really fuzzelh-rny right now”

  • poppier

    more fizz in a pepsi and is better tasteing. hey! did you hear that the pepsi and a nearby burger area tastes more poppier!

  • galua

    crook, fraud or liar. person who fools others or deceives others tu sala pakka galua.

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