Twenty Twenty

twenty twenty are an awesome pop rock band who began late 2008. they are already getting a name for themselves. their debut single is named ‘forever’. they consist of sam halliday, jack halliday and sonny watson-lang.
twenty twenty’s lead singer (sam) is gorgeous!
an amazing band. they are sam halliday (guitar and vocals), jack halliday (b-ss and vocals) and sonny watson-lang (drums and vocals). at the time of writing, sonny and jack are 19 and sam is 21.

they recently recorded their debut alb-m, which isn’t out yet. whilst they were recording it, they used blog tv to interact with their fans (astroboy included ;]).

they’re getting big due to the popularity of the video for the song get down, which was on the kerrang! most requested due to the power of the tt-tastics (fan nickname).

i can safely say that twenty twenty are three very nice guys 🙂
twenty twenty on blog tv was fricking amazing. one of the producers, rune (runey baby), shaved off his beard for a bet after they got 200 viewers. and who can forget jesus the spider and jack’s old friend astroboy 😉
the act of two males courting a female and having s-xual intercourse with her at the same time.
all she wants is the twenty-twenty.

let twenty-twenty that girl.

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