twilight princess

coming out in the autumn of 2006, the legend of zelda: twilight princess will be the latest installment in the long-running series. it is considered to be nintendo’s swan song t-tle for the gamecube, but will also be released as a launch t-tle for the wii.

it will move away from the controversial cel-shaded graphics of the previous zelda game, the wind waker, and will feature the more realistic graphics that originated in the ocarina of time.
person 1: looks like twilight princess will be the last game that i get for the gamecube…

person 2: yes! twilight princess will be a game i get at the launch of the wii.
the latest installment to the legend of zelda game series which was created by nintendo’s own shigeru miyamoto during the late 80’s. the official release date for it on gamecube is december 12, 2006 while for wii, it’s november 19.

hopefully, the game will be better than its predecessors. it sure looks like it will be, though.
dude! i can’t wait for twilight princess to come out! i have to be the first to play it!
quite possibly the greatest game ever made. a zelda game which has realistic graphics and doesn’t have the horrible cel-shaded graphics of wind-waker. there is a new set of items featuring:
the slingshot- a basic aiming device that helps you learn the basics for the wii version. allows you to knock down bees’ nests.
the fishing rod- allows link to catch fish. different baits are needed to catch different fish.
the gale boomerang- a boomerang which creates a tornado used for turning windmills and bringing objects to you.
the iron boots- boots which make you heavier and let you walk on green glowing areas on the ceiling. they also let you pull heavy walls, beat people in sumo wrestling games, and sink in water
the hero’s bow- a bow that shoots arrows to hurt enemies more than the slingshot, can be combined with any type of bomb to make bomb arrows, and can be combined with the hawkeye to have a sniper rifle effect.
the hawkeye- a mask that allows you to see far-away things in a sniper scope mode. can be combined with the bow to shoot far away things.
the bombs- 1. normal bombs are used to destroy boulders. 2. water bombs are used to destroy boulders under water. 3. bomblings are bombs that run off when you put them down. they can all be combined with the bow to shoot far-away things.
the clawshot- see hookshot later upgrades to two clawshots so you can move easily along walls.
the spinner- a gyroscope (top) that link stands on to glide over quicksand and grind wall rails.
the ball and chain- a m-ssive steel ball and chain mace used to break ice and cause m-ssive damage.
the dominion rod- a rod which allows you to take control of some statues. pressing the dominion rod’s b-tton while it is set will make the statue attack.
the horse call- an item used to call your horse any time.
the double clawshots- two clawshots

it also comes with a new set of tunics
the farm clothes- patched up farm clothes he wears at the beginning of the game, before gathering the tears of light for the first light spirit.
the green tunic- the cl-ssic green tunic from the zelda games.
the zora armor- blue chain mail armor with headgear used to breathe underwater and swim freely through it.
the magic armor- armor that takes up rupees when worn. when it, you will lose rupees instead of health. if out of rupees it slows you down like you are wearing iron boots.

in this game, link can turn into a wolf when he enters the twilight realm. on his back rides a female imp named midna.
she asks him to gather the “fused shadows” from the temples’ bosses so she can defeat the evil king “zant”. after gathering them, zant steals them and you have to gather the pieces of the “mirror of twilight” so she can defeat him.

in this game, your horse can have its name be whatever you want it to be. it also only comes whenever you blow on a reed or use the horse call item.

link has a wider set of moves to fight with now. he first off has more normal sword techniques than any link before him. at least 20 of them. later in the game he can learn more attacks from a golden wolf. it attacks him and he warps to a sky temple, where he is taught techniques by a talking skeleton. he can learn 7 extra attacks in total. such as the shield attack or the mortal draw.

there are 6 temples. they are of the elements gr-ss,fire,water,sand,ice,and sky. that is the order in which they occur.

overall this game gets a 10/10. it’s only flaws are small inconveniences that hardly ever happen.
save and turn off, its my turn to play twilight princess.
the newest installment in the ever popular legend of zelda series. slated to come out sometime in april 2006.
“twilight princess will be comming out in two weeks. i hope my gamecube still works”
midna, from the “legend of zelda” game for gamecube or wii.

the best developed character ever seen, additionally, she turns out as a real beauty at the end of the game.

she get cursed into an impish form by an enemy called “zant(o)”, who is overtaking the control of the so called “twilight realm”. midna is trying to regain control with the help of “link”.

midna herself is a “twili”, a race living in the realm of twilight.
end sequence, midna get rid of the curse and turn out as a true beauty aka “the twilight princess”!
a magnificently hard game that i stood 5 hours in line for, whilst obtaining the amazing wii when it was released.

not so nerdy guy: i can’t get past this part!
some guy who walked in: what part?
not so nerdy guy: the part where i put this thing over into that box to push another box onto that switch to open that door!
some guy who walked in: what the f-ck game is that?!
not so nerdy guy: twilight princess dumbiot.
wh-r- or girl who frequently has one night stands.
man that girl is a twilight princess, sleepin with a different guy each night.

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