world’s fastest rapper. can rap amazingly fast and has won compet-tions for his skills.
have you heard that new twista song? “adrenaline rush?”
most likely the fastest rapper in the world and has been known to spit out 11.2 syllables per second(amazing) yet he isn’t hard to understand what he is saying when you listen to him.
you know that song slow jamz, it would have been garbage if it wasn’t for twista
no doubt the fastest n-gg- out there and i’m a big bone fan
illest, fastest rapper there is. one of the only talented ones left. makes me wonder if he artificially speeds up his voice? i hope not
twista u told her right?
i could make u a celebrity overnight
the fastest rapper out there. can rep a bar almost as fast as he can eat a candy bar.
d-mn, i need some twista lyrics cuz i can’t understand anything he is saying.
one of the fastest rappers out there hes the first next to “bone thugs n harmony” and i doubt this but i’m sure someone in the whole world other than him can rap even faster
higher – twista feat. ludacris “look out i put a little bit of hash as the motherf-ckin’ purple haze,
i feel it all over my body, adrenaline wit’ tha bacardi, got me off fifty rippin’ sh-t in a rage,
in a navy blue pelle he ’bout tha belly, coogie timbalands steppin’ on the pedal up in the llac truck,
wanna get me for the wood, better get the whole motherf-ckin’ hood to come and give you some back up,
we can get into it if you wanna do it, i’m to get my fluid out at them bodies that wanna come at this,
empty out, f-ck wit’ yo girl for f-ckin’ wit’ thugs, that’ll bury opposites bet it won on the twist,
represent for my city anybody that differs wit’ me got into thinkin’ it’s a game,
and whether you from my city and “i”, talk sh-t i’ma kill ’em, especially if he say my name,
i bend up on ’em, i handle by business on ’em and stick him up for tha skrilla,
from k-tilla… smokin’ on a fat pilla…
murder haters at no filla… n-gg-s came and they wanna bring up a real adobe killa,
ballin’ out so hard, tha size of my rims roll to a h-lla-fast ice scene…
when they don’t make ’em no bigger, im’a flip a drop vet 2000 and 3 on nineteens…”
one of the fastest rappers out there, next to bone thugs n harmony. set 2 of the fastest rapping records out there. unfortunately, the record was taken by ricky brown with the song “no clue”.
twista has some fast raps, with a great pr-nunciation.

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