twit wheel

donald trump
what a twit wheel

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  • boy sauce

    is another word for c-m or j-zz john filled her mouth with boy sauce

  • negadiva

    a “diva” who is always negative. also known as a b-tch. “nikol, stop being such a negadiva!”

  • confidinsecure

    a person who seems outwardly confident but is truly insecure and uncomfortable with themselves internally. he acts so c-cky, but anyone with a pair of eyes can see that he’s totally confidinsecure about himself.

  • propellarchopter

    when someone helicoptrs their p-n-s and repitedly hits someone in the face. “i heard liam and mikey in the back propellarchoptering eachother!”

  • gumchew

    1. a word that sounds has lost all meaning, or “flavor,” from being said over and over again 2. the act of saying a word over and over again until it sounds weird and loses meaning. i wanted to use the word “exfoliate” in my paper, but now it’s total gumchew. i gumchewed the word […]

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