to moves suddenly in a seizure like manner.
twitching john put down his twentieth cup of coffee.
twin b-tches , girls identical in appearance and both are b-tchy in att-tude.
those twins are such twitches!
(derogatory) a sl-t; a tease; a general nuisance; someone who uses s-x (or the promise of it) to get what she wants without regard for other people’s feelings. combination of twit and b-tch; also referring to someone who walks in a suggestive (“twitchy”) manner.
that little twitch stole my best friend’s husband.
someone who is in a bad mood.
you are being such a twitch today.
n:plural:twitter speak for b-tches (my gurlz).
goodnight my twitches!
them my twitches!
a mix between the words twig & b-tch, meaning skinny -ss b-tches that can wear whatever the f-ck they want and still be flawless. twitches eat a sh-tload of hamburgers but always maintain their twig figures while some of us turn into a f-cking watermelon.
ex 1: you look so twitchy today!!
ex 2: that twitch wears a size 7 in kids.
ex 3: i hope the wind blows that twitch to africa.
a twitch is a scapegoat that is easily blamed for anything and everything. once blamed enough there would not be a doubt that the twitch did it.
boss man: “who was it that didn’t follow my explicit instructions?”

hugh: “oh man, it must have been the twitch, he is always messing everything up.”

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