public self gratification via social media. tweeting to tell others about your accomplishments and “stroke” your own ego. proceeded with a “#” when used in social media.
donald trump regularly practices #twitterbation to try and validate his existence.
twitterbation (noun) an act of social masturbation in which one retweets trivial @replies directed toward one’s self that offer no apparent benefit to one’s social status.
accounts for approximately 98% of posts on

related forms:
twitt-er-bate – to engage in twitterbation
twitt-er-ba-tor – one who engages in incessant twitterbation
twitt-er-ba-to-ry – a twitter post that displays the fundamental qualities of twitterbation
“have you been reading greg’s retweets lately? he’s been blowing his @reply load all over the place!”
“indeed, carla. it seems to be a cl-ssic case of twitterbation.”

every time you twitterbate, god kills a bird.
1. to follow oneself on the network site ‘twitter’

this phrase is coined by bellaflan, the most awesomest fanfic writer ever
bellaflan: twitter just suggested i follow myself. isn’t that like masturbation?
my thoughts: no, its twitterbation.
nudge yourself on twitter!

e.g. nudge urbandictionary
hey he just did twitterbation!

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