twog or t.w.o.g. acronym – third world groupie, i.e. white hippies with a hard-on for all things non-european, or rather the commercialized version of what were once non-european cultural artefacts
“she was a twog.” credit to n.m.
a non-european settler who desires to be european. someone who may wear european clothing, long european necklace and too much jewelery.

keyword “twog” (try-hard wog)
wears kappa jackets, wears italia singlets, talks with a european accent,tries to be part of european groups.

wog to twog- what do you reckon of that chick bro?
twog to wog- she’s fully sick mate
wog to twog- stop being a twog bro, you’re a skip so you stick to eating meat pies and watching the footy.
twogs are a cross between twits and blogs. twoggers create twogs. twogs are webpages that people use for various reasons. to have fun, business directory etc
i love reading twogs
a gay person.
public service annuoncement: f-ggish has two g’s.

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