a 140 character eye witness statement, social commentary, or color commentary taken from twitter (alternatively from blog, email, message board posts) and incorporated into mainstream cable news television as supporting facts in a story
that fox news report was made entirely from twooths

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  • Two-Pack Shaker

    a fun way to pr-nounce the deceased rapper, tupac shakur that greatly offends black people. don’t say this within large groups of black people. “i love two-pack shaker!”

  • Two Slit

    a great name for the female genitalia. originated by matt coppola d-mn! i wanna get in that girls two slit.

  • tiquing

    going out in search of shatiquas. often done by those who have contracted jungle fever. jimmy…. i’m sorry he calls himself wiggy j now… went out tiquing and came home with that lanikisha girl.

  • typoing

    the active process of making typos. usually in instant messages or texting where the typist hits enter/send before seeing the typo. can be used as either: a noun: typoing is quite common. or a verb: we were typoing yesterday. my friend laura and i frequently communicate via im typoing.

  • Tabernacle

    often used in quebec in the form of: tabarnak. tabernacle is a swear. 1 tabarnak! kossé k’tu vien de faire la!? 2 toé mon tabarnak! the housing behind the altar where the eucharist is kept. “dude, put that jesus bread in the tabernacle.” “dude, that word so reminds me of ‘tackle’.” the truth you hear […]

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