ty’keria is a beautiful, cool minded, lightskin, and kind girl, that often has att-tudes. but you can trust an ty’keria with all your secrets and trust she will never tell anyone. ty’keria is often a b-tch sometimes if she feels like you are being disrespectful. people define a ty’keria as a person that doesn’t play about money and will often try to get in a fight cause she is bored. a ty’keria is what a guy sees as a real person. if you meet a ty’keria she might be a little ghetto, but she’s cool and you should get to know her. every guy should be able to find a ty’keria and she will be faithful and very real on how she feels. and do not get on her bad side.😁😀

the root word: ty- means don’t mess with this b-tch, she is crazy!😈😈

so if you ever meet a ty, or and ty’keria don’t mess with her, or she will want to fight you and won’t stop.😂😃
this girl named ty’keria is a real queen and she’s faithful, so you should trust her and don’t get on her bad side.😀😁

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