an acronym for “thought you ought to know.”
by the way, punctuation is supposed to be included in the quotation marks. tyotk.

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  • Typerhhea

    excessive typing whether in emails or on chat or bbm or sms’ etc. like verbal diarrhea but in text. she responded to my “hi” with a lengthy reply as she suffered yet another bout of typerhhea. see also texterhhea

  • typhy

    he’s a cat. he mows. look at typhy, mowing like a cat over there. to be a major pimp and/or great skater dude check out that typhy bustin a tre-flip over there

  • typophobia

    the fear that our cell phone typos will not be understood im suffering from typophobia….my phone has it out for me so im not using it anymore today!!

  • typpi

    typpi means p-n-s in icelandic language sleiktu typpid a mer – suck my d-ck

  • tzelka

    vergin girl(offensive).never f-cked girl. ona poka eshche tzelka.-she still vergin.

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