the most amazing man in the world. he is very kind and easy to get along with. he is smart, funny, outgoing, and very open minded. he is the one you want to have in your life.
tyreik is the love of my life.

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  • yuk f*ck

    another name for yearling winter weekend at west point. many of the yuks leave campus and go f-ck their s. o. i can’t wait for yuk f-ck this year, i’ve been dying to have s-x with carly.

  • blonored

    a combination of feeling blessed and honored. both must occur at the same time and continue until you no longer feel blessed or honored. my friend told me i that i am the danny tanner of our friend group. i feel blonored .

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    probably the funniest person you will ever meet. he’s very chill and laid back but can get serious in an instant. wow listen to tizon isn’t he hilarious

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