ghetto -ss name. any female with this name is evil as f-ck bruh ain’t no ifs ands or buts about it. she might seem nice cuz don’t let that sh-t fool you it’s a trick. she might not say too much but when she do everybody gone hear it. very persuasive person, gets whatever she wants no matter what. low key talk to a lot of n-gg-s but don’t n-body know, got at least 6 exs she either a hoe or a dog ain’t no in between
tysheka is ghetto.

can tysheka be a white girl too?
is one ghetto -ss name any female with this name is pure evil, no ifs ands or buts about it, she may seem nice but don’t fall for that sh-t. she can be very persuasive when she really wants something or someone, normally gets whatever she wants, money, s-x, attention you name it. very overprotective of family and friends if she even has any with a name like tysheka most people keep their distance
hey man have you seen tysheka?

tysheka is a ghetto -ss name.

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