u wut m8!?

use by people to question sh-t
guy 1: i f-cked your dog hard
guy 2: u wut m8!?

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  • cluck a duck

    the act of clucking a medium sized billed animal that goes “quack”. form 1 billy: “hey joe, wanna cluck a duck?” joe: ” sure!” form 2 -joe is playing a game- joe: “oh cluck a duck!”

  • churlin

    a special type of hanging out. better than the typical. “me and hans were churlin last night at my place, it was great.”

  • tiger chicky face

    if you want swim p-ssionately in winter with your fabulous hairy chest and muscles, you are a tiger chickyface. i swim twelve months sir. the body is strong sir. the body resist sir. i know seven languages sir. finland, germany and hollandiya… i’m fabulous, i’m tiger chicky face and i’m sure you want table for […]

  • river bong

    lame -ss holes trying to get high with dirty water and bottles, the poorest way of sucking bongs, and the best way to catch diseases yoo i just sucked a river bong man i’m battered…. no you just got aluminium poisoning and 20 different diseases

  • wander over yonder

    a likely acid-induced television show following an orange hairy tablespoon with a southern accent named wander, his blue horse-like friend, and their enemy, probably skeletor’s cousin, with his army of eyeb-lls that have spongebob voices. “i watch wander over yonder because i have a crush on wander.”

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