an abbreviation of “you”
“i love u”
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u by underpants (captain)
shorthand for the word “you.” commonly used on the internet by those of low intellect, or those who are much to lazy to type a three letter word.
u c-mn ovr 2day 4 anl sx?
the twenty-first letter of the english alphabet.
if you didn’t know that already, there must be something horribly wrong with you.
a b c d e f g h i j k l m n o p q r s t u (see that? that’s a u) v w x y z.
short for “you”. used by people who are too lazy to make two f-ckin’ extra keystrokes. i imagine they all must look like that jarred -sshole, pre-subway.
i am more 1337 than u!

shut the f-ck up, you tool.
a worthless shortening of a three letter word.
i love u.

a word f-cking morons use instead of the word “you.” very overly used.
hi im a f-cking mron wat r u
the shorthand term for you. usually used by illiterates with low iq or intellect, or those who are incapable of typing out a three letter word.
r u goin shppin 2day wit da pplz?
version of the word “you” used by lamers who are too lazy to type two other freakin’ letters.
lolwtf u r teh nub!!1!!11lolomgwtfbbq

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